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FMO Updates

Please use this page as a resource during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue updating this page and sending communications to you and your managers with the latest developments. 


Effective  March 16, some of our FMO colleagues may be working from home. Our offices will remain open and we will have staff to process applications and complete necessary functions both remotely and on site. If you have questions we are available to answer your calls and questions. Please contact our main office number or your local manager. Click here to read more. 


Orlando, Tampa, Boca Raton, & New Port Richey agents:

The Villages & Ocala agents:
Phone: 855.423.2442 or 407.277.5800The Villages Phone: 855.266.1037 or 352.260.0151
Fax directly: 1.855.299.0754Ocala Phone: 888.738.9102 or 352.401.5611
Email: applications@1fmo.comFax directly: 1.877.725.9379


Submitting Applications Directly to Carrier – Instructions UPDATED on 3/23
To submit applications directly to the carriers, please refer to these instructions.

*** Fax coversheets are required when submitting direct to carrier. Agents are responsible for proof of submission.****

 Click here for more information


All of our face-to-face agent trainings have either been canceled or postponed. Our carrier partners will be holding trainings online. Please look under resources for all of our upcoming webinars.

CDC Updates

  • What you can be doing:
  • First and foremost, follow the CDC’s Prevention Tips. 
  •  If you do become sick or need to take care of a sick family member stay at home and notify your manager. 
  •  If you are sick,please stay home. Let your manager know right away.
  •  There is currently no vaccine for this strain, so the best way to avoid getting sick is to:
  • 1. Avoid contact with others who are sick
  • 2. Cover your mouth with a tissue if you sneeze
  • 3.Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (20 second minimum)
  • 4. Utilize hand sanitizers frequently.

Please take the necessary precautions to go about your daily business as safe as possible. We will continue to update you and your managers with the latest developments.

COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins

Carrier Updates

Last Updated 4/13/2020

Humana/ CarePlus


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                            2. 3/31/2020: Humana & CarePlus Everything you need to enroll telephonically – Click here to learn more
  1. 3/30/2020: Humana: 2020 Compliance Communication – RETRACTION NOTICE: SEP for Individuals Affected by Covid-19 Click here to learn more
  2. 3/30/2020: Humana 2020 Compliance Communication – SEP Notice for Individuals Affected by COVID-19 – Click here to learn more 
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4/6/2020: WellCare Agent of Record Promise – Click here to learn more

3/25/2020: WellCare Virtual Enrollments Updated- Click here to learn more 

3/23/2020: WellCare Notification: COVID-19 Update – Click here to learn more

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Simply Healthcare


4/3/2020: Simply Healthcare: Recorded Signature Ready – RECORDED SOA & RECORDED Application SIGNATURE Instructions – Click here to learn more

 3/23/2020: NEW _RECORDED SOA & RECORDED Application SIGNATURE Click here to learn more

3/19/2020: Simply Healthcare_COVID-19 Communication – Click here to learn more

Freedom/ Optimum


3/18/2020: Telesales Options for Broker Partners Click here to learn more